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Matt February 2, 2009 14:15

Submerged Body

I've got a few questions, so I'm just going to fire them out: 1. Why should the farfield of a flow domain be similar to the geometric appearance of the body? 2. When considering water resistance (but not actually calculating viscous or pressure drag) what parameters are useful to look at and why? 3. I saw in a paper that the pressure coefficient and frictional velocity were considered along the body length, and suggested to be useful for determining hydrodynamic effects; would this be because of relation to shear stress, giving a representation of resistance to motion, or another reason? 4. I've seen a calculation method use a body surface are averaged shear stress to find viscous drag... is this an efficient and accurate way of finding drag?

Thanks in advance.

mohammad safari February 10, 2009 07:05

Re: Submerged Body
what is a submerged body?! please explain schematically. thanks!!

Matt February 10, 2009 07:15

Re: Submerged Body
Hey. Sorry for confusion.

Submerged body being an underwater small submarine or underwater glider shape... bit like AUV size; about 1 to 4 metres long and 50cm diameter (ish). Similar to cigar shaped traditional submarine shape. It can be assumed as not to be influenced by surface waves or near surface hydrodynamic drag effects.


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