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JRL4444 February 12, 2009 17:27

How to simulate steam cavitation event CFX
OK new here so please forgiven any ignorance I let slip into this post. I am interested in the mechanism that drives the cavitation / shock wave event of steam injection into cool water. I am looking for any references as to how to quantify and simulate this event using CFX. My goal is to produce a steam driven oscillating cavitation event. My feeling is that the onset of a steam bubble's energetic collapse could maybe be initiated or at least affected by a pressure pulse. So could one simply build a device that would reflect and focuses a steam induced shock wave back to the steam injection point and achieve high intensity acoustic oscillation?

I have never found a description for what happens to a steam bubble in cold water but my speculation is as follows:

1. Steam cools and condenses on bubble wall reducing pressure in bubble to point of saturated steam. At first inertia keeps water from moving in.

2. Water starts moving in thus pressure in bubble rises and BOOM all saturated steam condenses causing a large vacuum.


2 Water starts moving in and bubble symmetry begins to breakup thus spraying cold water throughout the bubble instantly condensing all vapors causing large vacuum.

Any information related to this subject would be greatly appreciated.

Bart Prast February 13, 2009 06:46

Re: How to simulate steam cavitation event CFX
Have a look at:



All fundamentals are there. In principle you can do it with CFX.

Kylie February 13, 2009 14:33

Re: How to simulate steam cavitation event CFX
this is the best reference available but you'd rather use STAR-CCM+ instead.

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