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Mike February 14, 2009 22:26

A new computer!

I would like to buy a new computer on wich i must run some cfd analysis.

What do you suggest me: an AMD or an INTEL.

Thanks for yous answers!

Tom February 16, 2009 09:03

Re: A new computer!
Try the ASUS Eee-701, and use a fairly coarse. I bet u'll get great agreement with experiments.

F.P. February 16, 2009 13:09

Re: A new computer!
Lots of cash: core i7.

Less cash: phenom II or core 2.

Diablo February 16, 2009 19:09

Re: A new computer!
Yea Intel's I7 with DDR3 Ram and solid state hard drives in Raid 0 configuration.

Nabi February 16, 2009 20:19

Re: A new computer!
It is related to many factors. Ofcourse core i7 is a very good processor, but it is still very expensive. You need to pay for the application that you run. For example a 2D case usually doesn't need to have a super computer. A core 2 is also enough for 2D. If you need to run a 3D case, it is related to your models. If you use DNS, you need to run on super computer. For k-epsilon, a quad core can be maybe sufficient.

But in general case, and roughly, I prefer AMD for calculation with a fast RAM, and big size cash. From my knowledge, AMD is faster than Intel for real numbers. Intel is good for integers.

Jed February 17, 2009 04:16

Re: A new computer!
From my knowledge, AMD is faster than Intel for real numbers.

That hasn't been true for a long time. Intel's FPU is actually a lot faster but that doesn't matter since the bus is the same speed and AMD's caches are often more effective. Speed of memory is of course much more important than the FPU (it's extraordinarily hard to get 20% of peak FPU on AMD or 5% of peak FPU on Intel for implicit CFD). Core i7 improves Intel's memory weaknesses and thus offers better performance than anything AMD has, at a cost.

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