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student February 16, 2009 22:54

Gambit-split volume
Hi all,

I have a human model inside a brick and I want to split the volume of the model and the brick. There are three options; retain, bidirectional and connected. Which of these should I choose and what is the difference of these three options?

Million thanks.

student February 16, 2009 23:28

Re: Gambit-split volume
I chose connected and tried to split the volume, but there are error and warn.

WARN: Attempting to correct topological inconsistencies, topology check is recommended.

ERROR: ACIS error 30001 : coincident face_face_ints with different body vertices. Restoring the geometric model to the state before the current operation (if there is a positive number of default UNDO levels)

srihari February 17, 2009 06:30

Re: Gambit-split volume
the split volume options like retain is for retaning tht geometry after splitting and if u select both retain and also the bidirection it will retain the geomtery and also will split the geomtry in both the direction(split both volumes)...for this to understand more..just create a simple geomtry and try using these options one by one and after doin it just use solid part to view it,,it would help u..i think.. regards hari

goyalnn May 2, 2011 22:25

I have created a person (made of different volumes) in GAMBIT. The person is standing inside a big cube which in itself is a separate volume. I want to study the air flow inside the cube. Do I have to first split/subract or do anything like that with outside volume and the volumes inside it (person) or Can I just go ahead and create edge,face and then volume mesh for the whole thing without specifying any such relation between them?? someone told me it is necessary to split but when Im trying to split the person from the outside volume, it gives me an error "coincident face_face_ints with different body vertices". Can anyone help me??
I would greatly appreciate your response.


mechanic.vahab August 13, 2015 04:51

Please see:

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