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Bruce February 18, 2009 13:39

Air flow question
In Howell, Michigan in 1999 we built a large air cannon to shoot punkins. The gun is 100 ft. long and weighs 28,000 lbs. The gun is fired using compressed air. We have had great success winning the World Championship Punkin Chunkin contest four times and were the world record holder at 4,434 ft until this year when it was broken by 50 ft. In practice we have shot in excess of 5,000 ft. We did not compete this year because we were unable to make necessary changes to our gun in order to improve performance. We believe if we increase the temperature of air in our holding tanks we can add muzzle velocity by increasing the speed of air in the barrel and therefore increase our distance. Alas, we are but red neck engineers and know very little about fluid dynamics. Therefore, we are asking if our theory is correct. Could anyone help us? Our website is Thanks for your time.

kim1987 February 21, 2009 04:20

Re: Air flow question
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Ahmed February 21, 2009 05:52

Re: Air flow question
If you apply the ideal gas equation of state to the air tank you get p = mRT/V i.e. the pressure will increase as you increase the temperature.

Now how this increase in pressur will affect the rest of your contraption, I can not say, you need to see the whole system. Enjoy your time and good luck

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