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Fernando Velasco Hurtado December 10, 1999 21:25

Validation of axisymmetric Euler solver
I'm working in a program solver for the compressible Euler equations based in finite volume discretization and a sequential solution algorithm (PRIME compressible). I want to solve internal flows in axisymmetric domains so I need to validate my program with test cases that have this caracteristics. I'm wondering if someone could help me to find this test cases.

John C. Chien December 11, 1999 00:42

Re: Validation of axisymmetric Euler solver
(1). The nozzle flow would be ideal in this case. (2). Converging and diverging nozzle has been used in various method and code development. I don't have any particular reference, but I think you should look in AIAA journal from 60's through early 80's. (3). Or you can do the search in the nozzle flow area.

Bob Anderson December 19, 1999 01:58

Re: Validation of axisymmetric Euler solver
Just to get things off the ground, a simple Laval nozzle will do fine. You can check Mach numbers, pressures, etc. against area ratio.

If you are interested in more detailed physics like shock capturing or something else then post what those details are.

clifford bradford December 19, 1999 19:59

Re: Validation of axisymmetric Euler solver
a similar question was asked a few days ago (ie test cases to validate euler codes) my answer was to use test cases with exact analytical solutions. you can search the forum under my name to find the message

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