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izhar February 28, 2009 10:22

calculation of thrust thrugh a pipe with CD nozzle
If anyone can please help me in this problem:-

Air is entering at a speed of 80 km/hr trough a CD nozzle attached with a steel pipe which is having guide vanes attached inside the pipe to rotate the air to form a vortex inside the pipe and another CD nozzle attached to the scond end of the pipe for the exhaust of the vortex air formed.Pipe length is 10 feet and its diameter is 4 inches. CD intake diameter is 8 inches and second end joins the pipe, hile the other CD nozzle attached to other end is having the exhaust diameter of 3 inches. In this way two CD nozzles are attached to the pipe at both ends. Can any body help me find out the speeds of air inside the nozzle and inside the vortex generating pipe, and total thrust out via exhaust nozzle. I will be greatefull and appreciate anybody who help me in my project. best regards.

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