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Bill March 5, 2009 16:16

convergence of segregated solver
dear all,

in my application, i have a coupled system of PDEs, the coupling is due to shear stress in equation of each PDE

to simplify solution i use common segregated approach, i.e., moving shear stresses to right hand side and solve de-coupled PDEs (by an interative method, in my case CG) and after (approximate) solution updating rhs ... it works well

but, i look for the convergence theory of this method, can anyone guide me to a relevant reference?


kenn k.q. zhang March 6, 2009 16:16

Re: convergence of segregated solver
CG works only for symmetric systems, right?

Bill March 7, 2009 03:15

Re: convergence of segregated solver

in my problem (linear elasticity by FVM) system is SPD and i use decoupled solver just to reduce memory/cost

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