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Pedro Torres December 14, 1999 15:49

Inquiry on CFD Application For Air Intake Systems
Hi everyone,

I'm very excited to become part of this forum. I was wondering if someone could help me. I'm currently looking into acquiring a CFD package for PC usage, with the purpose of designing automotive air intake systems. It would be ideal if I could use this PC-based software to complement the work my company currently performs using FLUENT V on workstations. Although I would like to have as much CFD capability as I can get for my AIS design work on PC, I want to have the capability to kick off the design process with preliminary designs and have the choice, when necessary, to leave the detailed involved CFD tasks for the FLUENT analysts. The features I would like to have in this package are:

* steady-state and transient solution capability * geometry import in IGES files from CAD packages (particularly UG,PDGS,SDRC and CATIA) * automatic construction of volume mesh * grid independence from surface shape functions * automatic grid density control * visualization of particle tracking, cutting planes, isosurfaces and animation

I'll very appreciative of any info you may provide.

Thanks again,


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