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Gabriel December 21, 1999 06:08

Hi, I'm a student working on his engineering thesis. Is there anyone who can help me expecially in two or three things concerning the CFD code "PHOENICS" ? Thank you in advance.

natassa December 26, 1999 09:35

Re: Phoenics
what kind of help do you want? I had my thesis in 3-d flow over a surface mountainted building and I used phoenics

Gabriel January 6, 2000 06:50

Re: Phoenics
I'm working on my thesis about fires in road tunnels and I would like to know: 1) How do you "model" a body-force working on a fluid. 2) How do you read, in the result file, the nett sources of momentum 3) Do you know any particular rule, in PHOENICS, about the aspect ratio of the cells.

Thank you, and wish you a great year. Gabriel

allan thomson January 25, 2000 09:12

Re: Phoenics
as[ect ratio is not as important as rate of expasion of cell size. I've run models with cells that had spect ratios of 20, but there were not a lot of them.

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