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Francesco Marra December 21, 1999 11:06

Channel with 2D surface mounted obstacle
Dear all,

I am looking for (DNS/LES) simulations or experimental measurements of turbulent channel flow with a 2D surface mounted obstacle having rectangular section. I am interested in obstacle with height up to half of the channel height and Reynolds_bulk less than 8000/10000. Of course I am speaking of published references but any kind of indication will be gratefully appreciated.

Thank you in advance.


Jonas Bredberg January 5, 2000 04:49

Re: Channel with 2D surface mounted obstacle

There are a magnitude of published results for experiment and quite a few predictions with turbulence models, feel free to contact me if you need any advice or additional references. The DNS and LES are however very few, below are something that might be helpful, although not entirely what you are looking for:

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in a plane and rib-roughened channel",

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with reference to the DNS-data of Le, Moin and Kim


author = "A. Murata and S. Mochizuki",

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You should of course also check surface-mounted cube simulations, although not in my area I could send you a copy of one of my colleagues (S. Krajnovic) forthcoming thesis (in a couple of weeks) treating LES of such flows.

Best Regards


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