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HanCheolHeui September 8, 1998 10:13

About the design of axial fans
I am a student who wanna study on the design method of axial fans.

I know that various methods are exist like Streamline Curvature method(SCM), Through Flow method..and Panel Method.

At first, SCM has a limition on the correlation equations it can be applied. For example, we can only know correlation equations on some NACA series airfoils. Secondly,thorough flow method is too complicated and have some time consuming works. So I wanna use panel method for the design of axial fans(rotor only, i-stage rotor-stator system, 2-stage axial fan). But I can't find any papers about application of panel method on the axial fan design. and I even don't know how much it is useful for that designs.

Does anybody let me know about that?

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