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Chao Chang January 4, 2000 07:03

CFD software for CVD simulation
I am a doctor student. I am doing some studies about Heat and Mass Transfer in the chamber of Hot Filament Chemical Vapor Deposition diamond thin films now. I do not know which CFD software can solve not only the heat transfer and the gas flow but also the chemical reactions occupied among gases and substrate surface. Any advice is welcomed. And if you can tell me how to obtain the demo versions for the evalution of future purchase, I would be very appreciated.

Jiannis Dotsikas January 4, 2000 13:10

Re: CFD software for CVD simulation
There are some Programs that may help you:

PHOENICS. they have a CVD Modul, that works quite good. But you have to get used to this programm Have a look under CHAM .

CFD ACE. Have a look under CFD-Ace .

Fluent is offering a CVD tool ( Fluent ).

The cheapest has to be PHOENICS. Ask the local computing facilities for any CFD Software. I donīt know all of them but I suppose that they should be able to handle chemical reactions in the gas phase as weel as deposition, too.

best regards


Millie Lyle January 26, 2000 12:52

Re: CFD software for CVD simulation
I see the PHOENICS CVD software has been recommended.

You can find out more by visiting CHAM's website at

Click on add-ons and you will find all the relevant details of PHOENICS CVD.

You could also email Dr John Heritage at CHAM directly He was the project leader for the EEC project that origianlly developed Access-CVD from which the commercial CVD code was derived.

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