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Andreas Abdon January 16, 2000 14:22

impinging jet data
Hello everybody out there!

I'm searching for high quality experimental data on impinging heat transfer, preferably with flow measurements as well for CFD validation. Key issues are inlet boundary conditions and geometry: The jet should be confined (by a wall) and channel height(H) through jet width (D) should be about 2 to 8. Axisymmetric jets as well as slot jets will do. Jet Re nr should be between 10000 and 30000. My experience is that jet exit conditions seriously affects calculated heat transfer (especially the turb. lenght scale). Therefore I'm looking for fully developed flow conditions in the jet exit.



ps. If you need a few hints on other exp. setups maybe I can help, I have lots of stuff.

Andreas Abdon Division Heat Transfer Lund Institute of Technology Sweden

Anders Jönson January 17, 2000 06:19

Re: impinging jet data
Hi Andreas,

Take a look on the experiments made by Cooper et al. They can be found throug the Ercoftac database, URL:

This case has also served as a testcase for CFD, there is a paper about different turbulence models applied in this case. One of the authors is Tim Craft, at UMIST.

Regards Ander

Andreas Abdon January 17, 2000 08:52

Re: impinging jet data
Hello Anders,

thanks for answering. I'd like to point out that I'm looking for a confined jet exp. setup. This is not included in the Ercoftac base yet. But still, it's an excellent site!



Mahesh Prakash January 18, 2000 22:22

Re: impinging jet data
Hi Andreas,

Check out the following paper:

"Numerical study of turbulent heat transfer in confined and unconfined impinging jets", by Behnia et al. , Vol. 20, pp 1-9, 1999.


Jason January 19, 2000 08:40

Re: impinging jet data
Hi, Mahesh Prakash, Thanks for your message, but would you please give the Journal name?

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