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K S Das September 10, 1998 08:16

I am working in the field of surface tension driven convection and my method of solution is fully analytical. Now I want to enter into this vast world of CFD. In the begeining can you provide me some simple problems and its solution methods(using CFD) so that I can learn the procedure. Thank you.

R.D.Prabhu September 11, 1998 00:16

Re: Hydrodynamics
Yes, Welcome to CFD..

Pardon me if I sound too basic..( I only hope to be clear )..

first place to start off.. get a good hold on numerical handling of PDEs

good book : numerical analysis of PDE's by W.F.AMES.

you will soon master the art of discretization, ( and the problems of such approximations..truncation errors, accuracy problems, stability of schemes, convergence problems etc ...these are the buzz words !!)

then study different discretization schemes in the same light:

1.) finite differences

2.) finite volumes

3.) spectral

4.) finite elements

5.) spectral elements you will soon start liking one of them..

Coming to CFD...

start of with simple geometry, simple cases.. and simple boundaries... ( example: incompressible, inviscid, channel flow .with

periodic boundary conditions..) this itself would teach us a great deal of difference between the world of 'analytic' problem solving with continuous systems, and the 'discrete -world' of numerical games!! ( viz.. handling the effect of 'errors' in the above problem with 'artificial pressure corrections'.. totally unheard of in the 'continuous' experience!!!)

then slowly master ...the art of GRID generation.. for complex geometries..( from channels, to spheres, to

cylinders, to ploygons, to curved boundaries, to sharp edges, to name it, chip boards, rockets, are FREE to choose your SHAPES..) this will teach you to cover your domain of interest with different densities of grid points..elements( to put it crudely..)..this is a whole industry..!!

FOR CFD related computing refer to a lucid book by S.V. Patankar - numerical heat transfer and fluid flow

( In fact it's a very good introduction for one and all)

soon you will find yourself talking about compressible flows, shocks, multigridding, visualizations, hybrid -schemes, higher order schemes, ....

all the best

keep in touch with this site ... this will update you far better than my `micro-crash-introduction'....


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