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Lou Osmani January 18, 2000 18:33

Is Adaptive Research still alive ???
Our company purchased one seat of CFD software from Adaptive Research about a year ago. Their website is unavailable. We currently have support questions and they have not return any of our recent calls ????

Does anyone know the status of the company ??

Pls advise myself with any leads in contacting Adaptive Research. I've had no luck contacting them in the past month.

Lou Osmani First Alert Ph # (630) 851-7330 ext.1310

John C. Chien January 18, 2000 23:09

Re: Is Adaptive Research still alive ???
(1). Is it possible that they are taking a long vacation? One of our support engineer also took a long vacation, and my e-mail was not answered until recently. (2). I could not get on their website from cfd-forum, or Yahoo. But you must have their phone number, fax number, and the name of the support engineer. You could get the operator to do the search for you to locate the company, or send the company registered expressed mail with return slip to see whether the company has moved or not. Do they have other dealerships around so that you can talk to them about your problem. (3). Anyway, a month is a little bit too long especially in this almost real-time environment. You may want to contact the webmaster to see whether it is the website problem or you are dealing with a virtual company.

Kevin O'Rourke January 19, 2000 02:01

Re: Is Adaptive Research still alive ???
Adaptive Research has recently relocated to 320 S. Garfield Ave. Suite 306, Alhambra CA 91802. The (800) 326-5155 phone number, the website, and email will be active in 1-2 weeks.

Thank you for your patience.

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