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Zhou Hua January 19, 2000 03:54

Free CFD Software wanted
I am building an fluid website in chinese(,and plan to add a free software list on it. If you have free or low cost software and like to share it with chinese researchers, please tell me your website and brief instruction about the software. I will add links to your website in my "CFD resources". Thank you!

John C. Chien January 19, 2000 09:52

Re: Free CFD Software wanted
(1). Have we all learned something about the Dr. Wen-Ho Lee's case? (2). Why should the readers of this forum help Chinese researchers with free or low cost CFD codes, while we have to pay the full price? Is this because China is a poor communist country spending most of its time arresting its people? (3). Some top scientists in China were educated in America and Europe. They are very bright and don't need free software. If everything is free, no one can make a living out of it, and no one will invest on it. That's communism right?

Zhou Hua January 19, 2000 10:36

Re: Free CFD Software wanted
Hey, Chien, what are you talking about? There do have some websites who supply free softwares, perhapes your always develope your software from abc and never compared with others' work. You talk like a politician, not a scientist.

John C. Chien January 19, 2000 10:55

Re: Free CFD Software wanted
(1). That's consistent with a communist's way of thinking, a scientist can not present the fact about a communist state, otherwise, he will immediately become a politician, not a scientist.(I guess it is bad?) (2). Can a CFD scientist in a communist state talk about politics ? Is there a possibility in the future that a Chinese scientist using a foreign capitalist CFD code will be put in jail for some political reasons? We sure don't want to put our CFD friends in China in this awkward situation. (I didn't initiate this posted message, so it is just out of my curiosity. Actually, you can do Internet search for free software very easily.)

clifford bradford January 19, 2000 13:02

Re: Free CFD Software wanted
check out and go to the software link. the codes there are mostly free and it's on of the biggest and most recent lists on the web. many of the codes are developed by NASA and DOE labs so the access is restricted. but there are lots of others that aren't. good luck

John Law January 19, 2000 15:04

Re: Free CFD Software wanted
Hi, John,

While I enjoyed reading your messages before, I consider your answer to this question very unprofessional. I remember in this forum many people have asked for the information about free CFD software, why can Mr Zhou ask the same information? CFD-Forum is open to everyone in the whole world, and people answering the questions are fully responsible. I don't see the relevance to Dr Lee's case.

John C. Chien January 19, 2000 15:58

Re: Free CFD Software wanted
(1). I think, you are right, the free software alone is not a problem. (2). But the message says " ...and would like to share it with Chinese researchers,...". That means it is " conditional". And " share it with Chinese researchers " represents the process is going through a middle man. (3). Why can't a Chinese CFD researcher get on the cfd-forum and ask question directly like " My name is xyz, I am looking for free CFD software for my research in abc area, please give me some information about the websites." ? If Mr. Zhou Hua can visit cfd-forum and post a message, don't you think that thousands of Chinese researchers can also do the same? (4). Cfd-forum has been around for more than a year now, and cdf-online also has been in existence since 1994. And I am sure that many CFD researchers in China also have registered in the guest list of this site. (5). So, if the Chinese CFD researchers are being screened or prevented from getting on the cfd-forum directly, then, based on my intuition, I was curious about the motivation behind. I could be wrong, but it was purely based on my intuition. (6). So, is Mr. Zhou Hua asking the same question? (7). If CFD-forum is "open to everyone in the whole world", then why can't Mr.Zhou Hua also say that "the free CFD software information compiled will also be made available to everyone in the whole world?" Mr. Zhou Hua said specifically that " share with Chinese researchers,..." (8).And he knows, we know that there are a lot of free CFD software which are not available to non-US citizens. What I am saying is all Chinese researchers can go directly to the free software website, and follow the download procedures, there is no need to go through cfd-forum, or a fourth party.

Aaron J. Bird January 19, 2000 17:36

Re: Free CFD Software wanted
Might try companies that develop codes to see if you can get on their beta-tester list.

Zhou Hua January 20, 2000 03:59

Re: Free CFD Software wanted
John, don't be so nervous about my sayings, I am organizing an website, it is presented in chinese, that means my visitors will be mainly from china, so the informations will be used for chinese researchers, am I wrong? As I know freeware and shareware has nothing to do with communist or capitalist, many 'capitalist' website give such 'communist' service, like, etc. So I don't think my question will ruin any body's interests. After I read your message, I find you don't realize China in present days. Wish you someday can go back to China, you will find out China, like other places in the world, is not a hell as well as not a paradise. It's also legal in China to download softwares from foreign websites. Don't live in your imagination, live in reality. Let's cease our dicussion about communist and capitalist, here is not the right place for such things, if you are still angry with my message, please email to me, I like to make things clear with you, and I like to see you visting my website, regards.

Zhou Hua January 20, 2000 04:09

Thanks, Mr. Law, Mr. Bradford and Mr. Bird
I am searching the net and have already find some websites, thank you for your help! And best wishes for you!

John C. Chien January 20, 2000 11:14

Re: Free CFD Software wanted
(1). I would strongly recommand that you also extend your invitation to Dr. Wen Ho Lee again to visit China, and share with Chinese researchers. (2). "share with Chinese" was established profile, and now someone is in the jail. Please do not use "share with Chinese researchers" again in your post, you don't have the right to speak for the Chinese researchers, anywhere. (3). I don't care what you are doing, or who you are, but the readers should be aware of the potential trap related to "share with Chinese researchers". It could be perfectly legal, and some one could be put in jail, on either side of the system. (4). My only concern is just part of your message, that's all. As for the 80 years old Dr. Tsien, was he nearly arrested for practicing Hua Lon Kung, as reported in the news media? If he had stayed in US at CalTech, he wouldn't have to face such awkward situation. (5). For the change in China for better, I think, you are right. And I sincerely hope that what you are doing in setting up the website will bring the Chinese researchers into the 21 century. I don't konw whether the Chinese researcher living in the jail will have access to your website? By the way, if Chinese researchers can only read your website in Chinese, then how can they read the downloaded information in English? Good luck to your website.

Jin Li January 20, 2000 11:55

Check out It's a FEM fluid package.

Wells January 21, 2000 00:35

Re: Free CFD Software wanted
Dear Mr.Zhou, Please post my email address on your web page. I have K-E model 3D,Multgrid,(with SIMPLED method), and LES(with SMAC method) codes, All of the codes were developed by myself.I am happy if my code can help somebody. Good luck Wells.

Zhou Hua January 21, 2000 02:40

Re: Free CFD Software wanted
OK, John, I will USE shareware and not SHARE them with any others in case of somebody will be put in jail as you imagine. As I know, Dr. Tsien has just be awarded a big medal for his contribution to chinese scientific development, and many officers include Jiang Zhe-Min went to hospital to say congradulation to him. I really don't know where you have realize that he was nearly arrested. And in present days, China goverment has already realized that science and technology is the main power of a country, and continuing invest more on science and technology. About one month before, professors of Beijing Unviersity and Qing Hua University have found that their income increased 5-6 times, although it is still very low, but we can see some active changes in it. Premire Zhu Rong-Ji has announced that goverment staff's salary will doubled in next 2-3 years, and according to the policy, teachers and staffs from colleges should have more salary than goverment staffs, that means teachers will also double their salary in near future. At such situation, I can't believe that goverment will arrest Dr. Tsien just for he is a Hua Lon Kung exerciser. The last thing you mentioned about is wether chinese researcher can read english information: I agree that researchers like me is not dextorous in using english, as you have seen in my posted message, but we can understand well, cause consulting english papers is a main content of our research, you needn't worry about this.By the way, may I ask a question to you-Are you a Hua Lon Kung exerciser?

Zhou Hua January 21, 2000 07:47

Thank you Mr. Wells!
I will add a link to your email address, thank you again!

John C. Chien January 21, 2000 12:18

Thank you very much for the information.
(1). Thank you very much for the information. (2). I don't practice Hua Lon Kung, before and after it was declared an illegal organization. (3). A streamlined laminar flow society maybe ideal and beautiful, but it is hard to control, because the flow in nature is largely chaotic and turbulent. If panda insists on having its bamboo diet, it will disappear because of mal-nutrition. (4). The same is true, it is going to be hard to survive, if one knows only how to solve laminar flow equations. (5). So, let it be. It is part of human history to change. This should be a very good guideline for Mr. Jiang and Mr. Zhu. (The most stable state is a state with minimum control. It is a natural law, not John Chien's theory.)

Zhou Hua January 23, 2000 09:49

Re: Thank you very much for the information.
I agree with your idea, and I think Mr. Jiang and Mr. Zhu will also agree with you, an apparent evidence is that, after Mr. Zhu came in power, he cut the size of the central goverment to half of its original size, and China will enter WTO this year, so we can see that China is hopeful in some way.

Millie Lyle January 26, 2000 11:49

CHAM, a UK based company who develop the commercial CFD software code PHOENICS have an early version available as Shareware.

There are 5 levels of PHOENICS Shareware - level 1 being totally free, the 4 higher levels ranging from 99 to 499 USD.

Check out

Good Luck

Zhou Hua January 26, 2000 13:11

Thank you very much!
Thank you for your help!

Khin You Chuan January 27, 2000 02:45

Re: Free CFD Software wanted
Hi, John:

I don't think your reply to Mr. Zhou is unbiased. I appreicate your ardour in this forum. But I don't hope you to bring personal political view point here. Moreover, I don't know if you understand Chinese, if you can visit Mr. Zhou's website, I think perhaps you will gradually get rid off your furor.


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