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jeshwanth June 27, 2016 01:42

CFD code
Hello all,
I am a Masters student, I would like to write a simple CFD code for at least flow over a flat plate. For this, i request all CFD experts here, please give me some link which shows the equations to use for this problem, how descretize the problem using FDM and how to write the code using either FORTRAN or MATLAB.

I found only codes in the internet, but there were no equations to write that code.

I need, write from the equations to, descretization, coding.

Thank you all

Alex C. June 27, 2016 08:40


I strongly suggest that you begin by having a look at textbooks that discuss the formulations applicable to CFD. I believe J.D. Anderson's CFD Basics with applications covers the supersonic flow over a flat plate. And this book use solely the finite difference method. This will lead you with the mathematical formulation and with applied problem to compare with. I believe there is no code presented.

The other thing you can do, is proceed with one of the two great learning platform of professor Lorena Barba. Either CFD Python: 12 steps to Navier-Stokes or Practical Numerical Methods with Python. Both platform undertake the basics of CFD with applied example with Python.

If for some reason you really need/want to stick with Matlab/Fortan, you can easily find some coding documentation and use the methods presented in either textbook or web platform. But I suggest you consider other options like Python (scripting) or any modern language that currently has traction and a large user base. Matlab is fine in itself, unless you plan to use it outside of University someday. At this point, licence fees might become a problem on the long run.

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