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Gassan Abdoulaev January 21, 2000 15:40

3D mesh generator
Hello! I'm looking for a 3D mesh generator, which should be able to generate BOTH tetrahedral AND hexahedral meshes (structured or unstructured), depending on a user-specified option. Any advice? Thank you!

yangang bao January 21, 2000 15:57

Re: 3D mesh generator
It's too difficult. For tetra elements, maybe you can find some generators which can do some practical jobs. For hexa elements, many claim they can do, but most results are frustrating.

Check the following website:

David January 22, 2000 17:42

Re: 3D mesh generator

If you are look for fully automatic meshing then the following ICEM CFD modules may be of interest;

ICEM CFD TETRA - is a fully automatic TET mesher. Unlike most other meshing tools for TETS no surface mesh is required as a start point. The volume and surface are made together based on target cell sizes. Automatic cell sizing can be done to capture features in the CAD.

ICEM CFD AUTOHEXA - generates HEX and TET meshes automatically from primative shapes. Designed for electronic cools and enviromental studies. All HEX meshes have body fitted O-meshes.

ICEM CFD HEXA - not automatic but may time saving features; Automatic Bunching Automatic O-C grids Automatic Face / edge assoc. Meshing of CAD with holes and overlaps.

If you require more info then see;

or - for a downloadable movie demo of HEXA and TETRA.

Hope this helps.


marko January 24, 2000 09:54

about QUICK

Do you know a good book about QUICK scheme?


Farid Moussaoui January 25, 2000 12:20

Re: 3D mesh generator

You may see the GRUMMP home page.

It is expected that this code will do hybrid grids.

Good Luck.


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