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Tareq Al-shaalan January 25, 2000 00:38

two-phase flow
do you know of any a book discussing the fundamentals of multi phase flow, or two phase flow. For now I am interested in gas-liquid flow.



Sergei Chernyshenko January 25, 2000 05:45

Re: two-phase flow
There is a book by R.I.Nigmatulin, in Russian, but I am not sure that it was translated into English.

Jeff Franklin January 26, 2000 14:02

Re: two-phase flow

"Multiphase Flow and Fluidization"

by Dimitri Gidaspow

Academic Press 1994

J.D. January 30, 2000 15:28

Re: Two-phase Books
1) Liquid-Vapour phase change phenomena: V.P.Carey 2) Interfacial Transport Phenomena: Slattery 3) Multiphase Science and Technology Vol.8:

ed. Hewitt, Delhaye, Zuber, Kim, Lahey

4) Transport phenomena: Bird, Stewart, Lightfoot

I would start with 1. or 3. Cheers

Ramadan Bassiouny February 2, 2000 02:25

Re: two-phase flow
Yes Tareq; There is another fundamentals book:

" One Dimension two-phase flow" by WalliWallis, G. B. 1969. New York: McGraw-Hill Book Company.

With my best wishes. Ramadan

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