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Gang Sun September 10, 1998 18:28

3-d elliptic generation mesh
I need a source code for structure mesh generation with 3-d elliptic equations. I am appreciate if someone told me the site which has the code

Jonas Larsson September 11, 1998 04:35

Re: 3-d elliptic generation mesh
If you haven't checked Robert Schneider's grid generation site you should look there - it has many links to free mesh generation software. Click on "Resources", "Topic" above and locate the "Mesh Generation" section. There is a link to this site there. I'm sorry that I can't give you a direct reference, perhaps someone else can...

Gang Sun September 12, 1998 18:54

Re: 3-d elliptic generation mesh
Dear Mr.J.Larsson, Thank you very much for your suggextion. I have checked the Schneider's site and links, but I did not get the site I need.

John C. Chien September 15, 1998 12:41

Re: 3-d elliptic generation mesh
The 2-D elliptic mesh generation code was published many years ago in NASA report. It's also available in a book on numerical mesh generation. In 3-D case, geometry itself is a rather complicated issue. You need to understand the 3-D geometry topology and construction, surface mesh generation and so forth. The control of mesh density and convergence is also complicated. I would suggest that you first study the topology of the geometry you are trying to solve. Then develop an approach to create the geometry. As for the mesh generation, you can divide the computational domain into structured blocks. Most of these blocks will be interior blocks which are very easy to handle using simple algebraic mesh generation method. ( straight lines are usually good enough if the block is constructed using straight lines and planes) For the blocks which include wall or boundary, normally you can use simple interpolation method to generate the 3-D mesh. Don't worry about the quality of the initial mesh because once you have the solution of the flow field, you will come back to refine the mesh by moving the block locations or geometry. In this way, you can control your mesh. The mesh control is very important to the accuracy of your solutions. ( mesh control and convergence can be a difficult issue in the 3-D numerical mesh generation. In 3-D, it is not easy to check the final mesh quality. )

Gang Sun September 15, 1998 18:44

Re: 3-d elliptic generation mesh
Dear Mr. J.C.Chien, I am very appreciate that you recommand me another method for complicate configuration mesh generation. Up to now, I have studied many methods includes algebraic,hyperbolic, and 2-d elliptic(c-h), but it is very difficult to control the distribution. My solver does not have the multi-block function, and many years ago, I had try to solve the 3-d elliptic equations for mesh generation, I did fail, so many years passed, I want to taste to generation 3-d mesh with elliptic method. In addition, I have many 3-d surface mesh distribution.

Campbell Steven Piper September 16, 1998 00:24

Re: 3-d elliptic generation mesh
I am completing my final undergraduate year in Mechanical Engineering at Queens University, Kingston Ontario Canada. I am beginning by studies in the field of CFD and enjoyed your description of 3-d Elliptic Mesh generation. I look forward to futher clips.

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