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C. H. Han. September 10, 1998 22:15

I wanna apply multigrid methods to my research code for having a very fast convergence. So I'd like to study about that with some texts or notes, which explain about the multigrid method easily. and Some Codes on elliptic equations...very simple codes.. for me to understand it with ease.

If anybody has things I wrote above, Please let me know that.

best wishes, Han,C.H.

Jonas Larsson September 11, 1998 04:32

Re: Multigrid
You can find several free educational multigrid codes and tutorials at MGNet - Click on "Resources", "Topic" above and locate the "Multigrid" section. There is a link to MGNet there.

kirank September 11, 1998 10:45

Re: Multigrid
Senor, Multigrid Methods by Wolfgang Hackbush (Hackbusch?) is quite good book. also has advanced material.


C. H. Han. September 15, 1998 07:29

Re: Multigrid
Dear Mr. J.Larsson.

Thank you very much for your kind suggestion. I tried to check the MGNet site and links, but I could not get those sites owing to some network problems which I don't know why. (But I think I can get there and get some CODES I need within a few days.)

Dear Mr. K. Fri. Thank you very much for the suggestion of book which is good to read. But I can't find that book in our university's library and some famous book store in Korea. So, I can't get that book.

Thesedays, I am trying to do FREE-WAKE Analysis in the helicopter rotor. Usually, aerodynamicists use explicit schemes in wake convection calculations. I am trying to use implicit schemes to have a stabe convergence in the highly rolled-up region. But I think it will take a lot of times to calculate it with implicit schemes. So, I wanna use multigrid methods for getting a fast convergence.

If you have any suggestion, please let me know.

Thanks for your kind responses, Mr.J.Larsson. and Mr. K. Fri.

Best wishes...

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