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dipak January 28, 2000 00:23

Hi Everyone,

I am using phoenics 3.2 for heat transfer and fluid flow analysis of interrupted wall channels. I have to give a velocity profile at the inlet. But how shall i specify in phoenics? Can anybody help me?


ckl1998 January 28, 2000 08:30

Re: Phoenics
Do you further explain on "but how shall i specify in phoenics"?

You are using PIL or VR case?

dipak January 28, 2000 12:43

Re: Phoenics
First let me tell you that i'm at the beginner level. I am using PIL. Let me explain my query in details. Say for instance i take the example of 2d laminar incompressible flow through plate channel. If the fluid enters with uniform velocity(i.e no velocity component(v) to the transverse direction(y)),the inlet boundary condition is specified by: REAL(VEL) VEL=1.0 PATCH(INLET1,LOW,1,NX,1,NY,1,1,1,LSTEP) COVAL(INLET1,P1,FIXFLU,RHO1*VEL) COVAL(INLET1,W1,ONLYMS,VEL) Am i right? Now my question is: if i want to give transverse velocity component(v) at the inlet, how shall i give that?

ckl1998 January 29, 2000 05:20

Re: Phoenics
For me , I suggest that you should run the satelite menu, and then go to the boundary condition option to specify your velocity profile.

You should use the satelite menu or VR interface first. If nothing can be done, then only you enter the command manually into your Q1 file.

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