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Jayprakash January 31, 2000 19:17

CFD hardware requirements
Hello Everyone!!

I am associated with a semiconductor manufacturing company and we are interested in doing some chip and board level thermal simulations using a commercial CFD code (haven't decided which one yet). I wished to know if anyone has any experience in this field. Also we want to buy hardware for this purpose. There were specifically a few things that I needed to know. 1. Speed and so much reduced run times is the priority while choosing the hardware. Apart from the processor speed, what else should I consider? Does RAM and Harddrive space matter? 2.How do I quantify the complexity of a particular problem?Is the number of cells a god indicator? I need this information because I need some performance data from the vendor and I need to specify how complex the problem is. 3. Is there any other source from which I will have the performance data of a say particular CFD problem run on NT v/s Unix. Does anybody have any such data? Can anyone give their opinion about which operating platform is better. Unix or NT? How reliable is NT?

I am aware of some of the responses that were floated to similar questions in the discussion forum. However, I will very much appreciate any input about these questions. Thanks very much again for your help.


yangang bao February 1, 2000 19:24

Re: CFD hardware requirements
Hi, Jay,

As far as I know, it's not important whether the system is UNIX or NT since most companies support products on various platforms and the current PCs' memory can be expanded to more than 1GB. Although the results on different systems may be different, it's hard to say which system will generate better results.

Certainly if you can afford to buy a high-configured station with high speed and huge memory, it is better. Hard space doesn't matter.

CMOLD has the 2.5D products to simulate the injection molding processes. Truely 3D products are still on the way. You can check the website

Good luck.

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