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Pedro M.M.L.Gabriel February 14, 2000 09:59

FASTRAN: how good is it?

I will work in a project with CFDRC FASTRAN. I would like to know if anyone has work with it, what kind of aplications and if the results are valid.

Thanks for your help.

Alton J. Reich, P.E. February 14, 2000 11:23

Re: FASTRAN: how good is it?

I think FASTRAN is an excellent code for high speed aerodynamic analysis, but I work for CFD Research Corp, so I may be a bit biased :)

FASTRAN is a mature, well validated code that has been used in the areospace industry for a (in CFD terms) long time. There are numerous examples of work we have done with FASTRAN on our web site at <>

If you would like more information about a specific application, or more details about validation of the code, let me know and I'll get you the additional information.

Regards, Alton

clifford bradford February 15, 2000 13:06

Re: FASTRAN: how good is it?
i don't know about FASTRAN but a colleague of mine who's used both fluent and CFDRC'c cfd ace+ says he much prefers the cfdrc product as it is easier to learn and pre-processing is quicker and easier.

Pedro M.M.L.Gabriel February 15, 2000 15:46

Re: FASTRAN: how good is it?

I am working in a store release type of aplication, in a small jet trainer. I need to simulate the entire aircraft. I need to know what kind of hardware do you recommend, and details of the validation of results in that kind of aplication.


Pedro M.M.L.Gabriel February 15, 2000 15:47

Re: FASTRAN: how good is it?

Thanks for your help.

Regards, Pedro

frank February 17, 2000 04:24

Re: FASTRAN: how good is it?
We use CFD-RC FASTRAN and FLUENT in missile design, i.e. we use both codes at higher mach numbers. Each Program have his own advatages. FASTRAN caculate, iterate and get convergence very fast. Fluent is easy to use in Pre- and Post- postprocessing. Fluent is a more reliable tool in comparisson to FASTRAN. It works on every hardware plattform and we have no trouble with big grids. FASTRAN have in contrast to fluent great problems with large numbers of blocks (beyond 250 blocks) and large grids (beyond 1 million cells). It also need to mach working time to define the problem, i.e. boundary conditions. In accordance with CFD-RC, the general handling of the code will be improve with a new GUI. So we are hopefull to get a more quicker handling of FASTRAN

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