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Valdemir G. Ferreira February 15, 2000 08:51

Mesh Reynolds Number Constraint
Hi Dear Friends,

I would like to know how to determine the constrait on mesh Reynolds number (or Peclet number), for example, by using usual central difference approximations.

Thnak you very much.

Bob Anderson February 19, 2000 16:38

Re: Mesh Reynolds Number Constraint
I would refer you to Hirsch's CFD text Volume I. Note that you will have to specify a particular equation before you can get started on this problem.


Valdemir G. Ferreira February 20, 2000 04:12

Re: Mesh Reynolds Number Constraint
Thank You BOb,

I have been thinking in the following one-dimensional equation (Eliptic equation): C*Ux - v*Uxx = 0,where C is constante, and v is the kinematic viscosity of the fluid. By discretizing this equation in a particular point, we obtain one equation involving the coeficients (in 2D or 3D one system). So, the Mesh Reynolds Number Constrait appear when we resolve the discretized equation.

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