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Park K.W. February 17, 2000 06:00

Multi-Block Interface (Patched Boundary)

I would like to get the information of Multi-Block interface (Patched Boundary) treatment which is used by the Collocated FVM SIMPLE algorithm.

Please help me....

Onno Ubbink February 18, 2000 05:42

Re: Multi-Block Interface (Patched Boundary)

You will find a description on it in the book of Ferziger JH & Peric M "Computational methods for fluid dynamics" Corrected 2nd printing 1997, Springer Verlag: Pages 228-233 Sections 8.6.4-6.

I did some work on the methodology and found it quite straight forward if you have a CFD-code capable of handling control volumes with multiple cell faces. It was more an exercise in effectives search routines to find the boundary/overlapping patches (and the bookkeeping thereof) then a new concept of the co-located FVM algorithm.

You are welcome to e-mail me with more specific questions.

Regards Onno Ubbink

Park K.W. February 18, 2000 06:46

Re: Multi-Block Interface (Patched Boundary)
Thanks a lot.

Your comment is quite helpful to me. If you may, I would like to ask you when I find some toubles while reading the book.

God bless you.

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