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Jennie February 18, 2000 23:20

first node
Hi! Guys,

Could you tell me how to define the length of the first node (to the wall) if the flow is turbulent.


COBOK February 19, 2000 13:01

Re: first node
First, I really doubt if anybody in this forum is going to answer your question, when in a message below you use such a nice wording.

Next, stay away form this forum, and never post asking for a favor. You can find more appropriate chat-rooms to polish your very advanced super-language.

Finally, I'd ask Jonas to delete any his/her postings. Thank you

John C. Chien February 19, 2000 22:22

My Fair Lady
(1). The rain in Spain falls mainly in the plain. (2). That's how a flower girl at the street corner was transformed into a lady. (3).In the Van Goah's painting, the sky changed from the dark gray into vivid yellow color. But he was ahead of his time. (4). I interpret the occasional expression here not as the words used by the flower girl, or the strong vivid yellow color used by the painter, but as the strong influence of the CFD forum world wide. I sincerely hope that a very small stage here at the forum will transform the world into my fair lady, or the pictures of Van Goah.

clifford bradford February 20, 2000 18:21

Re: My Fair Lady
what the hell is going on. looks like you guys are playing tim leary for awhile

clifford bradford February 20, 2000 18:28

Re: first node
i don't know why the other replies to your message seem so weird maybe the guys got flustered. anyhow it depends. if you're using a wal law of some sort then it will provide guidance as to the first node/grid point placement. if you're doing everything first priciples then most times people put about five points in the laminar sublayer. so you could try making the first one at y+ = 5 and stretching it out from there you know i seemed to have a hard time typing this post without writing something strange. so there must be something about Jennie ...

COBOK February 20, 2000 18:45

Re: first node
We didn't get frustrated, Clifford. Now that Jonas removed her message that had been posted just below the "first node" message, nothing looks terrible though. It is ridiculus that she asks for help (may even from John, as he usually responds), and meantime shows such a temper insulting John. I'm not saying John is perfect (actually, nobody is), but his help here is appreciated by many readers. Clifford, if you want to know what she posted, contact to Jonas.

Jonas Larsson February 21, 2000 08:06

Re: first node
I've deleted the posts. They had nothing to do with CFD and were only offensive. That kind of messages should be kept to personal email. I'm sorry about the censorship. Lets focus on CFD here and not world politics or personal vendettas!

John C. Chien February 21, 2000 13:28

2000++ vision of interactive CFD forum
(1). It simply says that open CFD forum is still very rare in this non-perfect world (or non-uniform world), where the CFD questions out number the answers (2). Some system is always one-way, like watching the TV. The interactive CFD forum can present some problems when the system is still one-way system. Some late night TV shows are quite interactive and explosive. (3). What I am saying is, the interactive CFD forum is an advanced system which is not the norm of life of the today's society. (4). There are more people reading this forum than the few who are answering the questions. And the readers always expect that the answer should fit their need, their life style, and most important of all, fit their social need to improve their CFD status in their society. (5). So, the long term picture is, there will be different versions of CFD forum in different part of the world, similar to the journal publications. In this way, the interactive CFD questions and answers will fit more nicely with the local system and culture of the readers. (6). The openness to the sex in the northern European countries, to the guns in US, to the diversity in religion,...etc, are just some real culture differences in the background world of the CFD forum. (7). It is very difficult for the CFD forum to avoid this problem mainly because the person who answers the question will always live in different part of the world. (8). So, my feeling is that, similar to the questions specific to the commercial codes, perhaps the CFD forum can be split into several regional forums. In this way, persons with similar religious, culture, political background can present their CFD questions and answers consistent with their life style and social background . (Santa Claus is not always white in real life)

clifford bradford February 21, 2000 14:04

Re: first node
i must have missed something what was going on here?

Mahesh Prakash February 21, 2000 23:05

Re: first node
Hi Jonas,

Could you enlighten me on what is going on here. If it is too much of a secret you can post it on my email ID.

Jonas Larsson February 22, 2000 04:20

Re: first node
Yep guys, you missed all the action... Don't make too big a deal of it though. Ray, aka Jennie, just got pissed at John and posted some unecessary messages with a lot of bad language and Chinese/Tawainese racism accusations. Please don't make me re-post it here. It was just a bunch of "f*ck" words.

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