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nt September 16, 1998 15:44

Looking for a CFD Code
I am looking for a CFD code, which can potentially handle solid-fluid interaction. Let us say that I have a long tube and on its one end, there is a disk, that almost closes the tube. Now, when the disk vibrates, the air in the tube moves. Is there a code which can handle such issues.

Kindly post your response on the internet as well as email it to me.

Adrin Gharakhani September 17, 1998 14:42

Re: Looking for a CFD Code
Is this an axisymmetric problem? i.e., does the disk center pass through the tube centerline, and is the direction of vibration axial?

Also, what are the frequency of vibration, tube diameter and mean axial flow velocity?

Adrin Gharakhani

Hansong Tang September 17, 1998 23:14

Re: Looking for a CFD Code
Maybe one of my codes can handle this.

I have a code for 1 dimensional wave problems in coupled systems of solid-water-gas phases. The solid can be elastic or plastic, the water and gas can be compressible. Also, the code can deal with onset and development of fracture in the code and cavitation in the water and gas. The code is made according to a robust numerical scheme we proposed recently.

If your problem can be considered as a 1 dimensional problem, I suppose that our code give a good result.

Hansong Tang

Adrin Gharakhani September 18, 1998 13:44's response
I'm sending the following as per's request:

I cannot post this response on the internet since this is a juno acc. It will be kind on your part if you could do that for me.

The problem is not axi-symmetric.

I am looking for something like a "frequency response" of the system. i.e. When the disk is subjected to vibrations of a particular frequency, what will be the steady state response of the fluid in tube. I am looking for a code that solves the problem numerically, since there will be a whole range of these types of problems in my research area. Also, I know that I can solve the problem by finding the transient response of the system, but then it will take me a long time to find the steady state response of the system. In solid structures, you can directly find the frequency response of the system. I am not sure if something similar can be done in the world of fluids.

Elliot Schwartz September 21, 1998 08:46

Re: Looking for a CFD Code
Try ANSYS, a finite element code. There are modules for finite element structural and acoustics modeling. The acoustics module can solve steady-state problems and handle fluid-solid interactions.

The Web site should be and the company is based in Canonsburg, just outside Pittsburgh.

Good luck.


KwangWon Suh September 23, 1998 01:28

Re: Looking for a CFD Code
CFDRC handled this problem for a long time though it haven't released it commercially yet. I believe it will be available soon or you may have it ot the consulting base. If you need more information, please visit

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