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Keith Gray February 29, 2000 16:21

Unsteady,viscous,incompressible methods
Is there anyone who has experience with solving unsteady, incompressible, viscous flow using their own code? I have written my own codes for steady flows, but have never done a time-dependent model and would like someone to confer with.

Patrick Godon March 1, 2000 13:41

Re: Unsteady,viscous,incompressible methods
Hi there,

I am working with compressible, viscous, rotating, non-steady, two-dimensional flows; and I am writting all my codes. So I have some experience with time-dependent models, explicit and implicit with different restrictions on the time steps.

Do not hesitate to post here your questions and/or concerns and I'll do my best to help.



Rashid T. Faizullin March 1, 2000 15:43

Re: Unsteady,viscous,incompressible methods
I did codes for unsteady viscous electrohydrodynamical flows in electrohydrodynamical pumps (by way, announcement of St-Peterburg, Russia EHD-6 conference you can find on www.univer.osmk/~rtf/POL.htm )

Also I did codes for unsteady transonic flows in cascades of turbomachines but for nonviscous and only for 2-D flows.


Evgueny Kalabin March 2, 2000 00:21

Re: Unsteady,viscous,incompressible methods
Hi Keith I use the SIPMLE algorithm for solving unsteady, incompressible, viscous flow (I study the oscillatory solutions in the problem of nature convection of cold water in a square cavity).

Phil Gresho April 2, 2000 17:10

Re: Unsteady,viscous,incompressible methods
We have MANY YEARS of relevant experience! It is well-summarized in our new book, "INCOMPRESSIBLE FLOW AND THE FINITE ELEMENT METHOD", John Wiley & Sons, 1999(for the current hardcopy version); 2000(for the soon-to-be-released 2-part paperback version). One of our SPECIALTIES is just what you need: How to EFFICIENTLY march the eqns forward in time....AND, the methods that we describe are NOT limited to the finite element method....they apply to ALL numerical methods...

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