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Avi Mishan June 24, 1998 14:30

Commercial software
Hi there,

I'm looking for a comparison between commercial CFD software. We are using CFD software for electronic cooling problems, therefore I would like to concentrate on software that specialize in that field. I'm especially interested in matching Flotherm & Coolit, but I will appreciate any other stuff related.

Many thanks in advance


Arnold Free June 26, 1998 15:30

Re: Commercial software
You might want to look at the leading electronics cooling package in the industry - MAYA's ESC software. You can find lots of information at MAYA's Web site -

Russell King July 3, 1998 10:07

Re: Commercial software
If you are interested in electronics cooling, why not take a look at IcePak, Fluents' latest product for termal management. The website is;

then scroll down to IcePak.

IcePak is an object orientated package built around unstructured, finite volume grids. With fluent as the solver there is access to solution adaption and parallel processing. For more information please contact me direct or your local fluent office.

Sung-Eun Kim August 25, 1998 21:50

Re: Commercial software
Dear Avi,

I wonder if you've heard about IcePak, a CFD product from Fluent Inc. It's exactly what you might want to find out more about. It is specifically targeted for electronic cooling applications and has all the conveniences including automatic meshing, library of objects, etc., etc., etc. you would love to try out yourself.


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