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Apurv March 8, 2000 16:32

F90 Compiler for Windows

I am looking for FORTRAN 90/95 compiler for windows system (Freeware or Licensed) . Can any body tell me where I can get this from.

Thanks in advance


Bert Laney March 8, 2000 20:02

Re: F90 Compiler for Windows
You might try following the links given at

clifford bradford March 9, 2000 12:56

Re: F90 Compiler for Windows
yeah try microsoft's compiler or go to your local computer store. if not go to yahoo and try searching for 'fortran compilers' or follow the categories thru 'computers and internet' and follow the 'programming languages' or 'software' categories.

Jim Park March 9, 2000 13:26

Re: F90 Compiler for Windows
Take a look at

When I was shopping, this product seemed to be reasonably priced (at least when compared to some of its competition).

I bought it but am just starting to work with it.

Good luck!

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