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Nassar Majothi March 8, 2000 20:09

Drag Factors
Dear All, I am doing a final year degree project to predict the drag factors of various simple automotive shapes, i have currently obtained results that are around 40% away from experimental results. I have tried many solvers and mesh structures, could you please help me with further suggestions on how i may further improve my results. (using Fluent 5) Cheers, Nas.

Bob Anderson March 9, 2000 01:59

Re: Drag Factors
Are they 40% higher, or 40% lower than experiment? My first guess would be that you are not modeling separation correctly or at all. Are these separated flows? If so, how are you modeling that separation?


clifford bradford March 9, 2000 12:57

Re: Drag Factors
also try asking around in the fluent forum

Nassar Majothi March 10, 2000 06:19

Re: Drag Factors
Thanks for the replies. My results are 40% higher than experimental values, I am modelling seperation, although as i am new to this, i may not be doing it correctly. I am using Reynolds stress equations with non equilibrium boundary conditions. What would be the best way to model seperation? Cheers, Nas.

Ahmed Al-otaibi March 13, 2000 07:11

Re: Drag Factors
you have to check the base has major contribution in total drag..

ROOH-UL-AMIN KHURRAM March 15, 2000 03:09

Re: Drag Factors
Drag estimation is perhaps most difficult field in CFD. And if you are matching it with Wind tunell results it become even more difficult because of WT errors like wall effects and sting effect. First of all you have to get a reliable WT data with corrections. i suggest you should first match the drag coefficient of a simpler shape like a 10 degree cone. By chance I am presently involved in matching the drag coeficient of 10 degree cone with WT data. but I am doing it at supersonic Mach numbers and with various turbulence models, as base drag strongly depend on the Turbulence models. I have got quite interesting results. If you are interested to repeat this study, contact me


khurram R.A

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