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Bettina Schwade March 10, 2000 09:09

CFD-Code w/ best programing interface
Hello everybody,

I'm a PhD Student at a german university and we are thinking about investing in a commercial CFD code. I want to model a reactor, in which to gases react to form a solid product. Thus in addition to a two-phase flow I have to model the nucleation, coagulation etc. of the particulate phase.

My question now is, which commercial CFD-code (Fluent, CFD-ACE etc.) offers the best foundation for my simulation. I am aware that I will have to use 'user defined functions' in any code to simulate the particle formation and growth, so the flexibility of the programing interface is important for my desicion.

Any opinions are welcome.


Pawel Kosinski March 10, 2000 12:42

Re: CFD-Code w/ best programing interface
Dear Bettina,

As far as I know the most of commercial software is rather only for gas phases, especially when the chemistry is taken into account. But of course I may be wrong and I hope somebody else will correct me. But have not you thought about writing your own code yourself?

Best wishes,


clifford bradford March 10, 2000 13:17

Re: CFD-Code w/ best programing interface
many codes allow you to write user subroutines in fortran or c you'll probably have to check out the codes you're considering yourself. i'd guess that for most users that are advanced enough to use these features in a given code use that code exclusively. you could also try asking around on the other forums dedicated to specific codes. you should be able to use a commercial code for this problem. many have capabilies which include two phase flow, you may find that you don't need user routines at all!

Patrick Godon March 10, 2000 17:40

Re: CFD-Code w/ best programing interface
Hi Bettina,

you can find a listing of CFD codes (both commercial and free) on the site: <hr> [*] <hr> You can click on the names and get some technical details for each code, this should help you to find out which code is the best for you.



Anders Jönson March 14, 2000 03:40

Re: CFD-Code w/ best programing interface
Hi, When I was at the university, we had an agreement with a commercial code vendor that released part of the source code to us. Even though most things are possible to do through user routines, I did find it extremely valuable to have access to the source code. My suggestion is therefor that you or your supervisor contacts the code vendors and asks for the possibility to release part of the source code.

Regards Anders

Matej Forman March 14, 2000 04:03

Re: CFD-Code w/ best programing interface
Hi It seems that no one is willing to say the name, but I can guess, that you are asking about experiences, because every code vendor will tell you his code is the best :+). As I have been working with STAR-CD, Fluent and CFX, my suggestion is CFX 4. It is the most open to fortran user routines. Well it is just my opinion, nail me to the tree :+)

Young March 22, 2000 06:27

Re: CFD-Code w/ best programing interface
Hi! I have been using several commercial code like Fluent, Fidap and STAR-CD. Based on my experience, I would like to recommend STAR-CD. STAR-CD has a very useful user sbroutine fuction of FORTRAN language.

I also have a benchmark test paper which compare with among the 11 commercial CFD codes and experimental results in Japan. In this bmt, STAR-CD has a strong capability.

If you want some inform, please touch me. Regards, young

Tom March 27, 2000 20:27

Re: CFD-Code w/ best programing interface
Young, could you let me know where I can get ahold of your BMT, if it is available to the public?

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