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J.Dumas March 24, 2000 13:33

Multi Element Airfoil
Dear everybody, I have been trying to get hold of 'more-than-single' element airfoils for some time without success. Not even in the UIUC airfoil database multi-element airfoils can be found. Hence, I would very much appreciate anybody who may give me some orientation on where to find such information. I am particularly interested in the MD 30P-30N three-element airfoil although any others will be more than welcome. Thanks very much to everybody.

Frank Bramkamp March 27, 2000 11:19

Re: Multi Element Airfoil
There is an NLR7301 with flap in the Notes on Numerical Fluid Mechanics, Volume 58:

ECARP: European Computational Aerodynamics Research Project: Validation of CFD Codes and Assessment for Turbulence Models

The grid is a Navier Stokes grid with about 145000 Cells, multiblock structured.


Nima AmaniFard May 13, 2000 07:24

Re: Multi Element Airfoil
I am preparing a code for my phD program for soving N-S equations on a stage of an axial compressor and I am searching for the following topics: 1- a mesh generation guid or free software to generated a

structured mesh for cascade with multiblades(i.e. 8). 2- a software on solving N-S for the mentioned problem.

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