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Emmanuel Labourasse April 6, 2000 07:53

Pulsating flows
Do you know any reference on computation of pulsating flows using a large eddy simulation method?

Mark Christon April 6, 2000 18:29

Re: Pulsating flows
I have performing pulsatile flow simulations via LES for some time ... So, no firm answer for you, but I am also interested in any and all salient references in this area.

Alain Grangeret April 7, 2000 12:09

Re: Pulsating flows
Are you looking pulsating flows for flame modelling?

Emmanuel Labourasse April 10, 2000 04:20

Re: Pulsating flows
Not really. I'm looking for a simple unsteady flow to validate the temporal answer of a new code.

Victoria Suponitsky April 17, 2000 09:58

Re: Pulsating flows
AIAA paper 93-4391 (1993) "recent advances in jet flowfield simulation: part 2- unsteady flows." (Simulation of Brown& Roshko shear layer)

AIAA paper 95-0260 (1995) "recent advances in jet/plume flowfield simulation" (Simulation of 2d jet with external forcing)

If you meet reference about unsteady turblent round jet flows, please let me know

Emmanuel Labourasse April 17, 2000 11:05

Re: Jet Flows
At first, thank you for your replies. For Victoria's question : You can see a recent article written by Boersma and Lele (jet flow at mach 0,9) in the AIAA Paper 99-1874. Morris, Long, Scheidegger, Wang and Pilon study a circular and a rectangular jet whith a coupled RANS-LES method in the AIAA Paper 98-2290.

frederic Felten April 25, 2000 20:45

Re: Jet Flows

Will you be interested with an LES simulation of an unsteady magneto-hydro-dynamic flow with a pulsating force?? If that's what you're looking for, i'll give you the ref. i have. Sincerly,

Fred felten.

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