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Yani Stathakos September 23, 1998 18:32

Computational Semiconductor reactor modelling & design
Anybody out there doing CFD to semiconductor capital equipment? If yes, how can I technically market my hands-on semiconductor process engineer experience to get a job in the field of flow simulation and computational reactor design?

I have limited experience in Thermalhydraulics (mass transfer + heat transfer) as a Nuclear Engineer in the design of the PRISM reactor core, also. Nuclear engineer, emphasis on Fluid dynamics and heat transfer.

Your earliest feedback is highly appreciated.

Chuck Leakeas September 24, 1998 18:30

Re: Computational Semiconductor reactor modelling & design
I am doing my dissertation in the area of semiconductor reactors using CFD. I have been looking for a job in the semiconductor industry for a while now and no one seems interested in some one of my ability working on these problems. I don't know if it is because of the Asian economy or what, but if you find a way to get to do CFD in the semiconductor industry please let me know. I have also posted a message in the forum under Chemical Vapor Deposition???

Yani Stathakos September 25, 1998 17:58

Re: Computational Semiconductor reactor modelling & design
Hello Chuck :)

As you said the Semiconductor market is badly hit by the Asian crisis. In addition they are much more penalised by the current DRAM overcapacity and the indecisiveness of the chip manufacturers to contribute to the 300 mm change in a timely fashion.

However, I do not think that your search is heavily affected by all this since Semiconductor capital equipment manufacturers, have used and use these periods of crisis to upgrade their tools, and in some instances redesign even from the ground up.

The big workhorse in the industry now is the 300 mm development of reactors occuring now at a concurrent pace with and driven by the Cu technology replacing the Al one. Therefore, your best contacts in addition to typical equipment companies would be, Cape Simulations, and the Sandia national Labs in CA and NM. These are only some of the places I can think of off the top of my head that could use your skills to provide design services to their Silicon Valley customers. Also try Sematech if you have not yet. Again you should be encouraged by the current market situation right now and for the year to come since recovery of the equipment suppliers is not predicted until early 2000 according to Wall Street analysts (

Please let me know more about your technical background and the latest in computational reactor design. What is the other semi newsgroup you are on and how do you subscribe to it? Stay tuned for more links

Thank you in advance for your prompt response to my questions above,and good luck.

Any relation to the Greek region Mani? Your last name sounds familiar.

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