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Abhijit Tilak April 11, 2000 01:33

Rotating Driven Cavity
hi everybody,

I hav cooked up a problem (many must hav done it before). A cubical cavity is fixed at end of a beam and the assembly is rotated about the other end. The flow patterns will be infulenced by G and coriolis forces. does anybody know of any benchmark for this problem. let me know bye abhijit

Federico Papa April 27, 2000 09:57

Re: Rotating Driven Cavity
I got some results for a rotating driven cavity, if you like we can share some results just to check both results. I am working with laminar flow and the Rossby number goes up to 3. Let me know if I can help you, thanks Federico

Glenn Horrocks April 27, 2000 19:16

Re: Rotating Driven Cavity

I have done some studies of shock wave flow in a rotating volume. The rotation causes some interesting effects to the contact surface, triggering an instability in some circumstances. You can download my paper on:

The ISSW paper is the better paper.


Abhijit Joshi May 30, 2000 12:55

Re: Rotating Driven Cavity
By the rotating driven cavity, do you mean the following situation : A completely filled cylinder whose "lid" begins to rotate about the axis at a constant angular velocity ? If so, then I will be interested in verifying some results I have got with you. And BTW, what is Rossby number ? Pardon my ignorance, but I will be glad if someone can point to a reference on this....

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