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Ali Akgul April 11, 2000 03:23

Shareware programs for educational purposes
Hi, I need to know how can i get the shareware CFD programs but with user interfaces user friendly programme. It is not needed to full program only user friendly not needed code executable like generate grids and solve it fastly and show results in a screen How can i get program like this Thank you very much

clifford bradford April 11, 2000 14:00

Re: Shareware programs for educational purposes
if i read you right you want a easy to use shareware program for educational purposes. if so then check out Culbert Laney page at http://capella.Colorado.EDU/~laney/software.htm he has a category especially for educational software although some of the other categories contain codes which could be used. try also which has a free 2d euler code that you can run on a windows pc (i've been told it slow). it's completely self contained and i'm told it's easy to use.

Marcus Vinicius Reis April 19, 2000 16:21

Re: Shareware programs for educational purposes
Here in Brazil we have a good example on how CFD can help students understanding the physical meaning of Heat Transfer.

You may visit and then clik in "Heat Transfer 1.0" and then go to the DOWNLOAD area. There you will be able to find and download the code Heat Transfer v1.1.

Heat Transfer v1.1 takes advantage of the modern computational resources to provide an exciting and intelligent learning environment. The software is based on the construction of an organized structure of the internal data and on its powerful graphical user interface resembling the notation used in classroom. The data organization and the user interface were based on steps that describe the usual approach in the solution of a heat conduction problem. These steps are the definition of the geometry, medium and boundary conditions, the setting of the numerical parameters, the solution of the problem and the visualization of the results.

The Heat Transfer 1.1 is able to solve two-dimensional transient heat conduction problems with heat generation and variable properties. It also allows solving problems in geometries other than Cartesian and polar. This permits the instructor to go further, if desired, in analyzing more complex heat conduction problems. Additionally, since numerical methods in heat conduction is a topic itself in a heat conduction course, the software can be used for this purpose, exposing the students to a numerical technique which is nowadays largely employed for solving engineering problems.

The software is widely used inside Brazil universities and we are trying to share expiriences with other international institutions.

I can assure you it is a nice tool! Hope to hear your comments soon. Regards,

Marcus Vinicius Reis SINMEC - UFSC /Computational Fluid Dynamics Lab. Santa Catarina / Brazil ------------

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