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Andrei Chernousov April 12, 2000 23:34

Need help with 1st order FV scheme
Hi, everybody!

I have written rather basic first-order compressible unsteady 2D Euler FVM for triangular unstructured mesh. My FV scheme is quite clear - piecewise constant reconstruction, Roe_FVS/Godunov fluxes evaluation, one-step evolution, it is well debugged, and works quite correct - except the region behind the 135 degree corner - in the cell right behind the corner point, ajacent to wall, velocity speeds up to hypersonic values, with its vector remaining parallel to wall. So the h/sonic 'spot' is formed and the solver terminates. This occurs at reasonable, but subsonic Mach number in 'far-field', and in entire range of Courant numbers (<1).

I am convinced that it is not mesh- or solver-dependent fault.

I also think that this problem must be familiar to those who is comfortable in FVM world to which I am new.

So could anybody here explain to me this phenomenon?

Thanks in advance,


k_tafazoli March 14, 2013 04:37

Van leer second order and AUSM+
Hi, I've got a fortran code for solving 2D compressible flow over an airfoil with the method of first order van leer flux vector splitting . I have to change it to second order van leer flux vector splitting method . Can you please help me on how to do it? It's also possible for me to solve this project with the method of AUSM+ . Are you familiar with this method? can you help me with it please?
Thanks a lot in advance

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