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Mark Russell April 14, 2000 11:00

Contour plotting
Hi, I have written a piece of code to solve some simple heat transfer problems and to display the output also have written a simple contour plotting routine. The output could be better but because of the simplicity of my code I don't want to spend all my efforts developing the post-processing component.

Does anybody out there have, or know of, a 'free' contour plotting routine that I can drop into my program.

For reference my 'parent code' has been developed in an early version of MS Visual C++ and runs under MS Windows.

Thanks in advance.

John C. Chien April 16, 2000 12:43

Re: Contour plotting
(1). Try the commercial post-processor programs or the vendors. (2). The graphic program is much harder to write and it is usually much longer than the solver part.

Esam Alawadhi April 17, 2000 03:17

Re: Contour plotting
Hello, Try Mathematica it can do it.

Ahmed Al-otaibi April 18, 2000 17:23

Re: Contour plotting
Hi .. I suggest you to spend more time and improve ur code... It will be good exercise for you...I will give a hint: "It is matter of interpolation to have the iso-lines".. If u gave up just contact me i have it in visual basic.. Hope you good luck

C.B. Jiang April 21, 2000 09:51

Re: Contour plotting
Try to use Surfer or Origin.

S. I. Haider April 22, 2000 22:45

Re: Contour plotting
Try Matlab 5.3. It is a great package for plotting contours. As a matter of fact you can automate the whole process by generating the corresponding C++ code by using the Matlab Graphics Compiler and embedding the resulting code in your application.

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