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Prasad Padwal April 21, 2000 09:46

Precleaning in Air cleaners
Dear sir, I would like to know how actualy the precleaning of dust takes place in a tangential type of air cleaner.Also what are the factors affecting the precleaning efficiency of an air cleaner.



John C. Chien April 22, 2000 22:51

Re: Precleaning in Air cleaners
(1). Which part of the question is related to CFD? (2). Can you talk to the manufactures of these "air cleaner"?

Alton Reich, PE April 25, 2000 13:37

Re: Precleaning in Air cleaners

I'm also not sure what this has to do with CFD, and I'm also not precisely sure what you're after, but I'll take a shot.

Good old-fashioned filers like the blue fiberglass mesh ones I used to use in my air conditioning system at home work by trapping air-borne particles. The particle laden air flows through the filter's fibers. As the air flows, the particles may get trapped at the intersection where fibers cross, or the particles may impact a fiber and stick to it. These filters are very inexpensive (less than $1 each at the local Home Depot), but they are not very good at air cleaning. The gaps between the fibers let small particulates like pollen pass right through.

I now use pleated filters that have much smaller gaps between the fibers. These filters are also electrostaticly charged to attract things like dust and pollen. It makes it much more likely that the small particulates will impact the fibers if they are attracted to each other.

I hope this helps, Alton

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