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Donald D. Gray September 24, 1998 10:13

Environmental fluid mechanics
I'm looking for a textbook for a graduate level class in environmental fluid mechanics. Any suggestions?

Robert Hostetler September 25, 1998 15:49

Re: Environmental fluid mechanics
I don't have a response for your search however I thought you might be able to help me if you are into hydrolics. I am trying to re-vamp a hydrolic bumper jack to use air over hd-fluid to make a modification instead of pumping the handle by hand to use air pressure to operate it. I have a 14.5 round resevour and a 3" hyd-cyl . I have calculated that I have a 23 to 1 ratio of pressure however when I apply 100 lbs of pressure to the resevour the hoist raises at a very good rate but it has no power what could be wrong. Thanks for your reply or could you put me in touch with someone who would know via e-mail Thank you in advance donald -- Robert Hostetler

Donald D. Gray September 25, 1998 15:54

Re: Environmental fluid mechanics
Sorry Robert, I'm stumped.

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