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Anders Jerhamre April 27, 2000 07:47

Noncircular cylinders
I'm trying to find a noncircular cylinder where the average Nusselt number is linearly proportional to the Reynolds number. So far, I've found an empirical correlation due to Hilpert where a hexagon shape gives a relation Nu ~ Re^0.782 and this is the closest I've come so far.

Anyone who has an idea what shape I can use? Or where to look for information?

Cheers / Anders

I. Dotsikas May 11, 2000 06:26

Re: Noncircular cylinders
there is an other posibility: try to vary the radius of a circular pipe ( or what ever non circular pipe) in such a way that you get a lineary change of Nu against Re. that should be a parabolic shaped pipe or something like this. The Re would definetly not be constant. Might keep me in touch!

best regards

Jiannis Dotsikas.

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