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Meecheegun April 27, 2000 18:59

CFD Simulation for ejection seats
Here's what I am trying to achieve. I am trying to simulate the ejection sequence of a pilot-ejection seat system, complete with the windblast effects (CFD) et al. The inputs available to me are ejection seat rocket catapult force and the wind force on the pilot-seat system. Has anyone here done anything like this before ? Please respond. Thanks.

Davy Qi April 28, 2000 03:27

Re: CFD Simulation for ejection seats
You can contact Fluent. They have done such simulation cooperation with Aero-Structures Dept. of DERA, Farnborough, UK.

Bob Smith April 28, 2000 05:32

Re: CFD Simulation for ejection seats
Look at the CFDRC website at They have been developing models and undertaking ejection seat work for a number of years. The code you are interested in is CFD-FASTRAN which uses Chimera grids to model multi-body dynamics. It deals with all the parameters you mention. Some good pics and movies on the site.

John C. Chien April 28, 2000 07:56

Re: CFD Simulation for ejection seats
(1). Once the ejection seat system is designed , tested and put in use, then is it necessary to repeat the simulation? (2). May be what you really need is the previously tested data or cfd simulation. (3).My feeling is it is going to be expensive to do such transient simulation with accuracy. The model is complex, and the forbody of the aircraft is needed to capture the interaction. This says that you will need a lot of mesh points or cells. (4). So, it seems to me that the simulation requires special types of codes and experience. Why not ask the code vendor with the right experience to do it for you? (5). I got the impression that the Russian ejection seat really works. (6). By the way, at supersonic speed, you may have difficulties in simulating the ejection seat as a one-piece system, parts may be flying in the air.

Kosala W. May 1, 2000 16:03

Re: CFD Simulation for ejection seats
We can help you with this simulation. Your email address is not valid, please contact me. Regards, Kosala ESI North America

Vladimir Kudriavtsev May 9, 2000 23:39

Re: CFD Simulation for ejection seats
Considerable research in this area was done using CFD-ACE+ software from CFDRC visit

Vladimir Kudriavtsev CFD Canada

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