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Demian Flores September 24, 1998 10:55

Internal Flow CFD Project
I am starting a project of modeling a 'bell shaped' valve in Gambit to be run in Fluent. Does anyone know of any papers or good studies of internal flow, or valve CFD modeling (meshing and such) that they could refer me to?

Thanks, Demian

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Karthik Mukundakrishnan September 29, 1998 10:32

Re: Internal Flow CFD Project
Dear Mr.Demian, Hi!This mail comes to you with warm regards from India.I'm doing my senior year Bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering.I'm developing a code for incompressible viscous code around an arbitrary geometry.I'm validating my code using lid-driven cavity flow problem which is an internal flow problem.Do you have any idea on oblique lid-driven cavity problem?If so please send me your suggestions.I'm using an unstructured mesh for my problem.I'd like to have you as my friend.Please send in your personal details too in your mail so that I too can send a detailed mail on that.

Bye. Yours friendly, Karthik.

Philip Zwart September 29, 1998 13:35

Re: Internal Flow CFD Project
Benchmark solutions for skewed cavities are in

Demirdzic, Lilek, and Peric, "Fluid flow and heat transfer test problems for non-orthogonal grids: bench-mark solutions", International Journal for Numerical Methods in Fluids, vol 15, pp. 329-354, 1992.

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