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Gabriel May 8, 2000 04:58

Grashof number
Hi everybody, can anyone suggest me a book or a manual where I can find a table of values for the Grashof number, explaining for each range of values what happens to the fluid and the heat transfer ??? Or if you have a general idea of these values, can you write them? Just to know what it needs to be known. Thank you. Gabriel

Jin Wook LEE May 8, 2000 06:32

Re: Grashof number
Dear Gabriel

I recommend that you would search Rayleigh number, rather than Grashof number. That is, Ra is more meanful nondimensional parameter for most cases, than Gr, for natural convection. In general, Nu(or h) is function of Ra and Pr. Where,

Ra : Rayleigh number

Gr : Grashof number

Nu : Nusselt number

Pr : Prandtl number

h : heat transfer coefficiemt (W/m2-K)

For reference, following text might be helpful for you.

A Heat Transfer Text Book, John H. Lienhard, Prentice-Hall

Sincerely, Jinwook

Gert-Jan van der Gulik May 9, 2000 14:44

Re: Grashof number
Look for:

Metais, B. and Eckert, E.R.G., Forced mixed and free convection regimes, J. Heat transfer, Vol. 86C, pp 295-296, 1964.

I expect this short publication will answer most of your answers.

Cheers, Gert-Jan van der Gulik

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