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Jason Dale May 10, 2000 10:34

Comparison of CFD Software Costs
Hello All,

I am trying to get a feel of the current prices of StarCD, Fluent and CFX and how they compare for the following

An annual license (pre/post processor and solver)

A paid up license (pre/post processor and solver)

An annual license (pre/post processor only)

A paid up license (pre/post processor only)

Assuming the basic grade software for routine problems (nothing too heavy) with non of the 'add on's' and running on a single processor machine (i.e one license) can anyone give me an idea?.

The companies appear to want to drag it out, visit me, know the application in detail, take my credit card number, shoe size etc. etc. etc.

Thanks in advance


John C. Chien May 10, 2000 11:17

Re: Comparison of CFD Software Costs
(1). I have been working in the CFD field since the early 70's. And I have worked through various companies, large and small, private and government. The cost of software was never an issue. (2). There are always codes around for engineers to use it. And the most critical issue is : know how to use these codes, in-house or commercial, properly and be able to obtain "useful" results. (3). Some old versions of code have some problems, and when the new version is released, it comes with some new problems. The cost simply does not mean anything here. (4). In general, you can estimate the cost per license based on 10,000 to 20,000. In a company with several licenses, it is around 100,000 a year. (5). But then, if you are doing research in a school, or you can provide results to promote a particular code, I would say, the cost to use the code is almost nothing. And if you can provide new models or features to the code, then it is likely that they will be very good to you.

clifford bradford May 16, 2000 15:19

Re: Comparison of CFD Software Costs
yeah trying to get costs out of those people is like trying to get teeth pulled. did they claim that they needed all the info so that they could customise the code for you? i've heard that softflo which makes a nice CFD code, flo++ (i have a demo copy) will give you upfront pricing (it's on their webpage! other than that i don't know of other companies that do this. if you're tired of the bull why not get something from a research organization like NASA or a DOD lab. if you're american the codes are free/really cheap. go to http://capella.Colorado.EDU/~laney/software.htm which has a good list of free codes from all over many of which are quite advanced. all of them are for compressible flow though.

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