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K Lee May 12, 2000 23:08

Submersible operating at near free surface
Dear all,

I am dealing with a submersible (with appendages) hydrodynamics problem operating in shallow waters (depth <10x hull diameter) and near free surface (with waves).

Conventionally the hydrodynamics performance (seakeeping and manoeuvrability) are evaluated through exensive tank tests. I would like to seek advise from you the state of art of today's CFD technology, and if the low cost commercial codes could really handle such time-based fluid-structure interaction problem and produce consistent and reliable results.

John C. Chien May 14, 2000 11:31

Re: Submersible operating at near free surface,checkout vendor's homepage
(1). There are many commercial cfd codes available on this forum. (2). Why not visit the homepages of the code vendors first. (3). There are always sample results available in the homepages. You can also send e-mail to them to get the opinion on your problems, if you are looking for a commercial code.

Augusto Veiga May 14, 2000 21:52

Re: Submersible operating at near free surface
You can also check out with Mr. Marcos Santonni, He made a code to compute SWATH flow but, it can be easily used in submersible vehicles near free surface.

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