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reb September 27, 1998 07:25

books for beginners
hi. thanks for reading this.

could someone please point out books which are good for beginners on cfd-programming? i know this isn't a particularly easy subject, but i'm sure there are books out there designed for the beginner.

so far i have only found one:

elementary fluid dynamincs by D.J.Acheson Oxford University Press ISBN 0-19-859679-0

thank you.


Bob Harries September 27, 1998 23:34

Re: books for beginners
"Computational Fluid Dynamics" by John D. Anderson, Jr., McGraw-Hill, 1995 isn't on programming, but covers "the basics with applications," and has a great structure.

Richard Carroni September 28, 1998 04:07

Re: books for beginners
A great book for beginners in CFD is "An Introduction to CFD: The Finite Volume Method" by H.K. Versteeg and W. Malalasekera, Longman Scientific & Technical, 1995.

Lasse Rosendahl September 28, 1998 07:14

Re: books for beginners
Just thought I'd add a title to the list:

Tannehill, Anderson & Pletcher: Computational Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer, 2.ed. Taylor & Francis, 1997. ISBN 1-56032-046-X

In terms of programming, I think the book by Versteeg and Malalasakera (Bob Harries suggestion) is really quite good, but what you need is really different books/papers covering the disciplines involved.

Good luck.


Philip Zwart September 28, 1998 10:19

Re: books for beginners
If you're just starting out its hard to beat "Numerical Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow" by S. V. Patankar. Its a little older now (1980) but remains very readable and accessible to beginners. Another book, "Computational Methods for Fluid Dynamics", by Ferziger & Peric (1996) is a little more advanced and up-to-date.

Good luck,


Jannis Velivassis October 2, 1998 08:09

Re: books for beginners
Ferziger & Peric (Computational Methods for Fluid Dynamics ISBN 3540-59434-5) is one of the best CFD books.

Don't forget to download some Programms from ftp.springer

Duane Baker October 11, 1998 06:26

Re: books for beginners
I also highly recomend Ferziger and Peric. If you can read German then there are some excellent books.

good luck, Duane

Noll, B.: Numerische Stroemungsmechanik Springer 1993 ISBN 3-540-56712-7

Schoenung, B.E.: Numerische Stroemungsmechanik Springer 1990 ISBN 3-540-53137-8 (Berlin) ISBN 0-387-53137-8 (New York)

Numerische Stroemungsmechanik H. Oertel and E. Laurien Springer, Berlin, 1995 ISBN-3-540-58596-9

Tom Mautner November 3, 1998 13:29

Re: books for beginners
Another possibility is the two volume set by Klaus Hoffmann and Steve Chiang "Computational Fluid Dynamics for Engineers"

The set has many example problems along with techniques to solve problems. Easy to read and understand. The authors have been giving a CFD course via the AIAA.

If you can't find it at a University or Technical book store Contact: Engineering Education System

P.O. Box 20078

Wichita, KS 67208-1078

ISBN 0-9623731-7-6

Dr. Yedida VSS Sanyasiraju November 23, 1998 01:14

Re: books for beginners
Computational Fluid Dynamics the basics with applications, BY Anderson J.D. (1995), McGraw-hill Computational Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer BY John C. Tannehill, (1997) Taylor & Francis

Kyros Yakinthos November 28, 1998 07:54

Re: books for beginners
A very good book for a beginner focused on the Finite Volume method:

"An introduction to computational fluid dynamics. The finite volume method"



Longman Scientific & Technical, 1995

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